Trips, Visits and Insurance

The documents below are:

  • Insurance - Chubb attachment covers non-UK travel
  • Insurance - RPA attachments cover UK travel (and other areas of the school's insurance cover)
  • Trip Information Grid - provides a summary by year group of the type of trips and visits undertaken though these may vary

Please note:

  • In all cases where claims are made, the school, as the policy holder makes contact with the insurance company. Parents/carers and students should not contact the insurance company themselves in the first instance.
  • A number of excesses are in force on these policies, which are designed to cover the standard requirements of a school trip or visit.
  • The policies are not designed to cover the personal effects of students except in the event of a major incident. For minor incidents, e.g. loss of mobile phone, damage to personal effects, etc. your own contents / travel / personal effects policies should be referred to.
  • If you have any queries please refer them to the Finance Office at the school.

 Please also note: RPA Insurance - The Claims Portal:

  • If you are required to utilise the Claims Portal to submit a personal injury claim against us for either an employers or public liability matter then details of the correct portal ID and Compensator can be found on the attached link

We are a member of the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) administered by the DfE.




Trip-Information Grid 2018 


The team celebrates with eight medals between them at the end of Race Day.

Senior Ski Trip 2017