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Spear Phishing Alert

The school has been subject to an email 'spear phishing' attempt that has affected many  and got through the usual spam filtering.

In this attempt the message typically looks like the screen shot below, asking you to click on a link. The email seems to be from a trusted contact and often has a subject that is very plausible.



If you have clicked on the link and entered your password your email address will have been compromised. You should reset your password. 

The following signs indicate that your email has been compromised:-

  • odd emails in your sent items
  • emails you have not sent in your sent items
  • receiving bounce back emails that you did not send
  • receiving 'un-deliverable' messages that you did not send.

If you receive any emails that are unexpected, prompting you to log in with your email credentials, you should delete the email.

Here is a 5 minute video from a US University about this subject which you might want watch to help you spot signs of spear phishing in future. There are lots of other resources available. All it takes is one person to fall victim and the cycle perpetuates.

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