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Current Projects


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The pictures shows the before and after view of Science class rooms that we have refurbished in recent years. In total we have 9 science classrooms with 6 remaining to be upgraded into rooms which will provide the best setting for our students and staff to learn and achieve in. Each room will cost £35,000 to bring up to modern standards making a total of £210,000 for all six rooms.

£35,000 target per Science class room.


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Each trolley of 32 iPads  or laptops is available to classes throughout the school day for use in all subject areas. The trollies keep the equipment safe and secure when not in use, and enables them to be charged and synchronised as a group. The school currently has 4 trollies and would like to see a further 10 available at a total cost of £140,000.

£14,000 target per iPad/Laptop trolley. 



The school currently has 1200 students and is planning to increase this to 1300 students over the next few years. This will be achieved by raising our admission number for Years 7-11 from 150 to 180 per year group. Additionally we will seek to increase the size of the Sixth Form to 400.

This growth will provide more young people with the opportunity to learn and achieve in an excellent environment.

It can only be achieved with additional space, and the plan above provides an outline of a new building adjacent to those we currently have. The cost of this new building is £1.85M.

This project will be completed in 2017 and the school will be contributing £150,000.

Contribution via standing order, cheque and cash (includes Gift Aid declaration)


Contribution via Just Giving (includes Gift Aid declaration

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