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Science Laboratories Refurbished

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Sets of 32 iPads/Laptops in Mobile trolleys with apps/software

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New Building Contribution

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The Challenge



Investing In The Future - £500,000 Challenge


At SHFGS we are proud of our outstanding standards. As a co-educational grammar school we educate successive cohorts of confident, independent and inquisitive young people who are prepared to enter adult life successfully. It inspires us daily to see the success our students achieve academically, on the sports field, in the performing arts and in a whole range of other activities.  

To achieve, maintain and develop outstanding standards requires continuing investment in high calibre staff, excellent facilities and up-to-date equipment. We invest the resources we receive from government with the aim of ensuring our outstanding standards are not only maintained, but improved upon. It is however, a fact of life that these central resources are declining, and in Buckinghamshire these are already starting at a low base (see the links below for further information). In order to maintain and develop our provision for the benefit of all the boys and girls who attend the school we are seeking support for the Investing In The Future fund.


The immediate challenge we have set ourselves is to raise £50,000 in the first year of this initiative.

This money will be used to provide funds towards the following projects:

Project 1 - £140,000 – 10 sets of 32 iPads/Laptops in mobile trolleys with apps/software

Project 2 - £210,000 – 6 Science laboratories refurbished

Project 3 - £150,000 – New Building contribution

Beyond the current year we are also setting the challenge to encourage future commitment to the Investing In The Future fund. 


We would like to achieve our fundraising aims, both immediate and longer term through contributions from a variety of sources, including:

  • Parents of current students who are gaining from attending the school
  • Parents whose children have attended the school and benefited from their time here
  • Old Floydians, our alumni who have first-hand knowledge of the school as students, staff or governors and who have moved on to new challenges
  • Parents' Society who continue to work on behalf of all those connected with the school
  • Businesses both locally and further afield who may or may not have had past connections with the school
  • Sponsorship from both businesses and individuals 
  • Legacies, Trusts and Foundations

How To Contribute

Contribution via standing order, cheque or cash (includes Gift Aid declaration)  


Contribution via Just Giving (includes Gift Aid declaration)

With your help we can raise sufficient funds to achieve our aims, both immediate and longer term. We will update you termly on the progress of the Investing In The Future fund and what your contribution has been used for to the benefit of students at the school.

Please click on the link How To Contribute for further information. 

If you would like to discuss a contribution or find out more details please email  or telephone 01296 424781.

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