Key Stage 4 Curriculum

The programme of study for Key Stage 3 comes to an end in May of Year 9.  After the May half-term all students study GCSE courses in mathematics, English (language and literature), biology, chemistry, physics and religious studies. The PSHE+ programme continues in Year 10 with material suited to the age-group, as do physical education opportunities in a wide range of sports suited to boys, girls or mixed groups. Sports leadership, a unique opportunity for students to develop knowledge of team work, motivation and organisation is integrated into the physical education curriculum in this key stage. 

Mathematics is taught in sets, indicated by research as being best practice; other subjects are taught in mixed ability groups.  A significant part of a student’s timetable is now occupied by the four optional GCSE subjects that he or she has chosen to study following careful guidance and advice.  This range of subjects would normally include a wide variety of technologies focusing on different materials, history, geography, business studies, one or two foreign languages, art, drama, music, dance, and physical education.  Typically a Year 11 student sits ten GCSEs.


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