Key Stage 3 Curriculum

The work of a Year 7 student develops and builds on previous experience, whilst offering new opportunities.  Each child is placed in a tutor group that reflects a mix of ability, gender and feeder schools, so that new friendships can be quickly established.  All students study English, mathematics, science, history, geography, art and religious education, as well as two foreign languages from French, German or  Spanish throughout Key Stage 3. 

The technology and physical education programmes bring classes together in smaller groups, and each features a rotation through different areas or aspects of the subject.  Additionally, all classes experience Personal, Social and Health Education every two weeks, where matters such as physical development, personal and e-safety, self-esteem, sex education, work-related learning and citizenship are addressed sensitively by the tutor or other, trained, members of staff or outside speakers.

A familiarity with, and an understanding of information technology, is vital to all students and many join us with skills in word processing or graphics packages.  ICT skills are taught in Years 7, 8 and 9 and are developed in subsequent years through different subject areas. 

Year 7 students also study and experience opportunities in Performing Arts - music, drama and dance – that allow them to develop existing skills or to find new outlets for their talents. They are introduced to the Floyd learning habits which complement the subject specific content of their lessons.

The Year 8 and 9 programmes are broadly similar, developing on and extending both subject knowledge and learning skills.  The curriculum is organised so that those students who join the school in either of these years are quickly integrated into the academic programme.


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