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Mr Stephen Box Executive Headteacher  Insignis
Mr James Burge Assistant Headteacher  Physical Education / Head of years 10/11
Ms Jeanette Cochrane Headteacher  
Mr Ross Collins Assistant Headteacher
Faculty Leader
Mrs  Sara Durose Assistant Headteacher
Subject Leader
Mr  Vincent Forshaw Assistant Headteacher
Faculty Leader
Performing Arts 
Mr Sam Holdsworth Deputy Headteacher  
Mr John Huskinson Finance / Business Director Finance 
Dr Richard Johnson Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Aaron Kendall Assistant Headteacher
Faculty Leader for English

Mrs  Angie Adkins Head of Year 7 Graphics
Miss Katy Badger Subject Leader Art
Miss Emma-Louise Bahra Subject Leader Music/Careers
Mr Cameron Bashford Assistant Head of Sixth Form History & Politics
Mrs Joanne Bee Teacher Mathematics
Mr Greg Boult Director of Sport  
Mrs Elizabeth Brooks Second in Faculty English
Mr James Burge Head of Years 8 & 9 (Maternity cover) Physical Education/Head of PSHE+
Mrs Michelle Burnitt Teacher (Maternity Leave) Dance
Mrs Louise Burton Teacher History
Miss Nikita Choudhury Teacher Mathematics
Mr Farhan Chowdhury Teacher Economics
Mrs Julie Davis Teacher Physics
Miss Suzanne Davis Teacher Geography
Mrs Beth Devonshire-Conway Subject Leader Spanish
Miss Heidi Dickman Teacher Mathematics
Mrs Katy Dixon Subject Leader German
Mr Keith Dyke Teacher Mathematics
Mrs Nicola Elliott Second in Faculty Mathematics
Ms Sarah Evans Teacher Chemisty
Mrs  Nicola Farmborough Teacher English 
Mr Malcolm Fell Teacher Business Studies 
Mr Niall Fleming Teacher English
Mr  Frederick Forder Faculty Leader Humanities (History & Politics)
Dr Alice Gallienne Teacher Biology
Ms Lynne Gethins Subject Leader Chemistry
Mrs Kate Gillan Teacher Biology & Chemistry
Mrs Sarah Goodman Second in Faculty Mathematics
Mrs Rebecca  Gowers Faculty Leader Mathematics
Mr Paul Hand Teacher Physics
Mr Daniel Haneef Teacher Biology
Mrs Carol Innes Teacher English
Mr Gautam Jain Teacher Mathematics
Mrs Vivienne Kemp Teacher Modern Foreign Languages 
Miss Shari Kerr Teacher Dance
Mr Daniel Langley Subject Leader Drama
Mr Matthias Lee Teacher English
Mr Graham Maddocks Faculty Leader Modern Foreign Languages (Subject Leader for French)
Mrs  Amy Malone Teacher Food & Nutrition
Mrs Adele Minter-Bradley


Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Shawn Moodley Teacher Mathematics
Mrs  Jan Morris Teacher Economics
Miss Debbie Nelson Second in Faculty Psychology
Mrs Della Ormston Teacher Graphics
Miss Fay Patchett Subject Leader Religious Studies
Miss Amanda  Payne Teacher English  
Mr Kieran Perkins Teacher Physical Education
Mrs  Julie Pilkington Faculty Leader Social Sciences (SL for History)
Dr Steve Richards Subject Leader Biology
Mr Martin Romanovsky Teacher Physics
Mr Ryan Scott Teacher Religious Studies
Miss Emma Searson Teacher Chemistry
Mrs  Rachel Selby Faculty Leader Physical Education
Mr  Chris Spencer Subject Leader Computer Science
rs Pia Trimborn Teacher Modern Foreign Languges ptrimborn@shfgs.co.uk
Mr Matthew Williams Subject Leader Geography
Mrs Sarah Williams Teacher Biology
Mrs Melissa Wooller Teacher Drama
 Mrs  Trisha  Yearwood  Teacher  Chemistry  
Ms Isabelle Baldwin Assistant Teacher Personalised Learning Department
Miss Ayla Eminaga Assistant Teacher Personalised Learning Department
Mrs Karen Geddes Assistant Teacher Personalised Learning Department
Mrs Sandra Griffin Assistant Teacher Personalised Learning Department
Mrs Liz Johnson Assistant Teacher Personalised Learning Department
Mrs Sarah Kallay SendCo Personalised Learning Department
Dr Rachel Spencer Assistant Teacher Personalised Learning Department
Mrs Sarah Bateman Assessment Officer Assessment/Communications
Mrs Jane Bond Administration Officer Staff Absence Reporting, Cover, Secretarial, Email, Communications
Mrs Geraldine Bowles Administration Assistant Reprographics, Publications, Signage, Communications
Mrs Clare Bragg Raising Achievement Officer Pastoral Assistant, attendance
Mrs Jackie Chandler Communication Services Manager Reception Management, Website, Marketing, Social Media, PR
Mrs Kathryn Chapman Assistant Head of Sixth Form (Year 12)
Mrs Jennifer Cole Librarian & Sixth Form Administrator Librarian & Sixth Form Administrator
Mr Lee Dessington Facilities Manager Premises
Mr Mark Goodman PA Technician/Production Manager Performing Arts
r Martin Green Technician ICT Systems - Network Services
Mr Dale Grew Caretaker Premises
Mrs Victoria Henderson Assessment Officer Assessment/Communications
Mrs Dawn Horne Technician Art
Mrs Sharon Jarrett Payroll Officer Payroll/Assessment
Mrs Jessica Jenkins - maternity leave Raising Achievement Officer/School Counsellor/Safeguarding Pastoral Assistant
Mrs Morag Jones Finance Officer Finance
Miss Angela Ksiazek Administration Assistant Performing Arts,  Lettings 
Mrs Kwan Ying Lai Administration Assistant - Communications and Medical Medical, reception and communications
Ms Carys Martin KS5 Mentor Sixth Form
Miss Kate Massey Raising Achievement Officer Pastoral care
Mrs Judy Morey Administration Assistant Reception - inc. car parking, lockers, lost property, admissions, switchboard, communications
Miss Sharon Mills Headteacher's PA Headteacher's PA
Mrs Gina North Science Technician Science 
Mr Ian Perrin Caretaker Premises
Mrs Linda Pilkington Food Technician Technology
Mrs Nicky Ralston Technician Science 
Mrs Sharon Reed Assessment Manager Exams/Assessment
r Petru Rotaru Caretaker Premises
Miss Janette Scott Finance Manager Finance
Mr Lewis Scroggs ICT Service Manager ICT
Mrs Jan Sibley Senior Science Technician Science 
Mrs Karen Walshe Raising Achievement Officer Pastoral/Attendance
Mrs Catherine Wiles HR/Payroll Manager HR/Payroom